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Friday: 8 hours, open book Support all answers with citations to relevant literature (including page numbers).   Question 1 (15%):  Common Property Resource management.   Distinguish between the concepts of private property, common property, and open access property.  Briefly discuss … Continue reading

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拖了两年的综合考试,总算找到了时间能再跟五位教授同时面对面交流了,这周笔试,下周口试。晒晒题目,有兴趣的自己做一做哦,下来有空可以交流!呵呵 Monday:Wildlife-habitat relationship & Landscape ecology This exam emphasizes concepts from landscape ecology and wildlife habitat relationships. In preparation for the exam you were encouraged to review the text on Wildlife Habitat Relationships Modeling by Morrison et al. The exam … Continue reading

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1, 2, 3 … Super Pippo ~~~

勤能补拙是良训,一分辛苦一分才! 既适用于Pippo,也适用于小贝(本场差点助攻帽子戏法),同时自勉! FORZA MILAN !

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No title

BETOUGH When you face a tough schedule, what you should do is to be tougher! Five months to go, and I really want some real life. hehe Today’s quote on MSN: "There is nothing more uncommon than common sense." Frank … Continue reading

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一年也不上一次MITBBS,去找点东东,忍不住点了北大版。有人在写了一个短短的感慨-想念北大了! 明显是个小小师弟(妹)写的,但是有一个回帖,是这样的: “我在北大呆了7年,尽管后来还在北京工作,但是很少回去了。出国前去过一次,觉得 很陌生,也没有什么大感觉,翻新速度早就超过了我的记忆。 其实,我觉得每个人心中最怀念的还是当年读本科的时候那份青春年少的岁月。而不是那个校园,那个牌子。当然,北大在中国真是太强大了,离开之后,我才发现,偌大的中国,只有在北大你才可以活的那么理想、那么散漫、那么幼稚。” 偌大的中国,只有在北大你才可以活的那么理想、那么散漫、那么幼稚。 想起了,从PTF转到EEB之前,大家给我的贺卡上,Dr. Wang 的两个字 – Grow up! 按照这个标准,8年了,R3还是没长大,长不大!

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Featured in the March 27th issue of <Science>, and a couple recent examples: 的作者33岁,很帅的小伙子!   The <Science> News Focus article LINK The last sentence of the article on Science: Finkelstein agrees: Part of the appeal of PHD, he says, … Continue reading

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